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                                        Providing Individualized Treatments For:
                                             * Chronic, Acute Back Pain                              * Weight Loss
                                          * Hip Pain, Sciatica                                                  * Depression, Anxiety
                                        * Neck, Shoulder Pain                                                  * Insomnia
                                      * Elbow Pain, Tennis Elbow                                             * Fibromyalgia
                                    * Wrist PainCarpal Tunnel Syndrome                             * Impotence
                                   * Knee PainAnkle Sprains                                                     * Gynecological Disorders
                                  * Chronic Fatigue Syndrome                                                     * Breech Baby
                                 * Bells Palsy, Facial Paralysis                                                      * Asthma / Allergies
                                 * Arthritis                                                                                        * Abdominal Bloating                                                                  * Disc ProblemsSlip Discs                                                        * Acute / Chronic Cough
                                  * Sports InjuriesAuto Accidents                                          * Addictions
                                     * HeadachesMigrainesDizziness                                  * Sinusitis, Nasal Congestion
                                        * TMJ Disorders                                                             * Poor Circulation
                                          * Digestive Disorders                                                  * and many other manifestations of     
                                              * Bowel / Urinary Movement Problems                unbalanced energy 

                   United, Cigna, OSU Prime Care, Workers Comp Accepted

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Daniel Pyolnim Miller: L.Ac., Dipl.OM

Thank you and Welcome to my acupuncture clinic website. My name is Daniel and I am a licensed Acupuncturist in the state of Ohio. Upon receiving a Masters Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at South Baylo University in Los Angeles, I completed further training overseas at Kyung Hee University of Eastern Medicine in Seoul, Korea. My passion is to help spread knowledge of this incredible ancient healing art known as acupuncture to the world. I find joy in helping people heal and assisting them in being able to enjoy a pain-free life.

There are so many benefits of acupuncture and it essentially has no negative side effects as it utilizes the body's own infinitely intelligent healing mechanism to promote healing. It does this by allowing the body to regulate its own life force energy (Qi) flow throughout the energy pathways. What we feel as pain is blockage in the flow of energy and the blood that it circulates. At Wholistic Acupuncture in Columbus, Ohio, my goal is to promote the circulation of Qi and blood throughout the whole body, thereby strengthening the immune system and allowing the body to heal and prevent further illness and pain. Contact us today for an appointment if you’re interested in starting your path back to wellness.
6463  Proprietors Rd.  Ste 101 Worthington, OH  43085

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