I met Daniel a few weeks ago at an holistic event in Columbus. I was amazed at the attention and care he gave everyone who came to his table. After watching his work and seeing smiles on people getting off his table I decided to give it a shot. I was always bothered by one leg being slightly shorter, Daniel worked on my hip and was able to gently align my hips, which was the real cause of the difference in leg length. Everyone suggested that I put an uncomfortable lift in my shoe. Where everyone else sought to treat the symptom, Daniel went with what was causing the problem and fixed that. He is more concerned about the welfare of those who sought him for healing, then he is in profit and prestige.        

Frank Bozak

I was truly blessed to meet Daniel at a show in Columbus this past April.  Even though I work in the world of health and wellness much like Daniel, I have only had a few experiences with acupuncture... none of which were impressive. I understand the concept, I just had never met the right provider. I was actually was a bit nervous about the idea of acupuncture after having my first experience a few years ago, it was unpleasant to say the least. 
Ironically, my vendor booth at the show was placed right beside Daniels. The ENTIRE weekend I watched people turn to Daniel for help and healing. He CONSTANTLY stayed busy and yet provided every single person with his full attention and care. He had to have been the busiest person at the whole show and Each person I spoke with who had been treated was feeling incredibly better and very grateful. At the end of the weekend I decided to give it a try myself and Daniel very kindly fit me into his schedule, even though it was time for him to be taking things down for the day. What can I say? HE WAS AMAZING!!!!! The minute Daniel touched me he knew what my body needed and exactly how to help me. When I got off the table I felt like a whole different person. Not only that, Daniel is a very warm, kind and compassionate person. THANK YOU DANIEL, you are an amazing person and gifted acupuncturist!
Kimberly Brewer 
     ViaViente Silver Leader

  Hello, For the last two months i have been taking acupuncture. I had a herniated disc in my back and have had pain with this off and on for the last 6 to 8 months. I have went to chiropractors and have had some relief  but the pain continues to come back and my back just feels weak. I started taking acupuncture treatments from wholistic acupuncture and started to feel some relief. When Daniel  gave me treatments he also gave me some exercises to help make my back stronger. Over the last two months my back has gotten stronger and I feel better I have more energy and am able to do more. I liked going to get a treatment when i was in pain because after the treatment the pain was greatly reduced. Now I am getting better and feeling stronger.      
    Tim Yoder
Business Owner
Mt. Vernon, OH

I am an acupuncture lover. I know lots of people are afraid of needles, but Daniel is an expert. He can remove the pain with needles! His acupuncture treatments are not painful and there are no side effects. In fact, his great skill makes me stress free and sleepy during treatment time. Thanks to Daniel, I do not need to take any pain killers for my neck pain and migraine. I trust absolutely in his healing power. 
Shoko K.  
                                                                                                  age: 48
Dublin, OH

I am very pleased to provide you with this letter of recommendation. Your services have been an invaluable aid in my overall health. When I first visited you in March to help with my circulation you stated, that you would definitely help me feel better. You delivered as promised. I have felt so much more energized since I first visited your office. In my opinion, you are an incredible doctor. You have made my quality of life infinitely better. You are a credit to your profession and a blessing to me. I would recommend Wholistic Acupuncture to anyone that is seeking an invaluable experience with an acupuncturist.
       Ramadan Islam - Contractor
       Columbus, OH 

     Every morning before I put my feet on the floor I consciously decide to have an "attitude of gratitude" the entire day.  That simple routine became increasingly difficult as my physical pain increased, and the first steps and all that followed included indescribable suffering.  When I finally decided that I could endure the pain no longer, I met Daniel Miller.  The day I made the hour long trip from Bellefontaine to Daniel's office in Worthington eventually proved to be one of the most beneficial investments of my time, energy, and money. That day marks a new beginning for me.
     Daniel recognized my anxiety and calmly and patiently dispelled all of my unspoken fears about acupuncture before he began that first treatment.  During the treatment, Daniel offered both support with conversation, and silence for my personal reflection.  He patiently answered all of my questions in detail and to my satisfaction.  I learned on subsequent visits that the willingness to patiently answer questions is part of Daniel's practice.  Daniel treats more than physical pain.  As a holistic coach, I recognize that we are intuitive, mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical.  For me, Daniel's methods of treatment seem to reach all areas-the whole person.  The compassion and genuine concern continues after the treatment, when Daniel often offers suggestions for exercises and techniques for relaxation.   People notice a change in me.  I know that the change is greater than the pain relief.  The healing goes deeper than the pain!  As I continue with treatments with Daniel, I am becoming stronger, and healthier, and happier.   Even my children have noticed the improvement, and I would not hesitate in bringing any of my children in for treatment.  As a parent, it feels good to have that level of trust with a practitioner. My morning ritual of gratitude has become genuine as I begin to experience life with less pain and look forward to more pain free days.  I am happy to share my experience, and offer encouragement to others.

           Diane Ollhoff, H.C.
    Bellefontaine, OH

Heart of Health
Holistic Discoveries
February/March 2008

Today I need to express my gratitude for the phenominal treatment I've received from Daniel Miller in the areas of acupuncture and an equally amazing technique of specialty which he uses in combination called Korean Traditional Bodywork. The application of one treatment or the other is good but when used together, bodywork along with acupuncture, an unequalled miracle of healing takes place that in all my years of coping with the pain both physically and the heart breaking pain of trying one type of treatment after another with little or no results tends to eat away at your soul making you scared to try anything else and just give in. But for me and my family we have accepted this gift of healing given by the therapy we've received from Daniel Miller Wholistic acupuncturist.

              Clifton Petty
                          Columbus, Ohio
Skeptical of Acupuncture results. I got impressive results from my very first visit to Wholistic Acupuncture. The fine needles were not horrible! They were painless! Healing that traditional doctors could not fix was noticed with this Licensed Acupuncturist, Dipl.OM, avoiding pharmaceuticals. I felt grateful and quite honestly surprised to feel excellent results. My symptoms were various and Daniel managed to open the energy flow to help my body heal itself avoiding any pharmaceuticals.                      
            Dance Instructor
Having known Daniel for quite some time I would be the first to tell you what a great guy he is, however, as an analytical person I feel obligated to be objective. That being said he is the real deal. I remember when he first started going to school in Los Angeles and would come home to visit with needles and moxa. I was intrigued but not completely sold on the concept. I agreed to receive treatment with an open mind. The first few treatments were relaxing but not particularly amazing. One day I came over having lapsed into a serious bout of depression as I am proned to do. Not really feeling like it I agreed to a treatment. Daniel performed several techniques that night including moxabustion, cupping, as well as acupuncture. I have never experienced such a profound shift in my state of mind. When I left that night I was nothing short of euphoric. Since then I've known this very special friend of mine has been endowed with a very special gift. My body has repaired, with Daniel facilitating, a rotator cuff injury, back pain (upper/lower), as well as a knee problem (fixing the knee problem with one needle). Being a spiritual person I have also experienced moments of tranquility and connectedness I've only experienced during meditation. As his friend, his patient, and spiritual companion, I recommend him and his services. You will not be disappointed.

Richard Aguirre
Bank Employee
Columbus, OH
Giving is Receiving
Holistic Discoveries
Winter 2008-2009

Feeling the Connection
Holistic Discoveries
Spring 2009
Hello, my name is Michael Mullins.  I'm writing this letter to share with others the one thing that has been the only true pain relief I have found!  No Pain!  No Pain Pills!  I fell more than 26' onto solid ground causing major problems with my hip, leg, back, shoulder, and fractures in my hip, spine.  I suffered for 3 years with major pain taking 40 mg of Oxycontin twice each day.  I stopped taking pain pills 11-7-07.  There had to be a better way!  Daniel has stopped all the pain!!  I move about mostly with no difficulty!  I would recommend this to anyone looking for pain relief without drugs!  Believe me, I was skeptical about how it would work!  It did more than I could guess.  I did Chiropractors for 8 months twice a week.  It was a huge waste of time, money, and hope!  Doc said he wouldn't of believed it himself but now knows how much it has worked!  No Pain!  No Pills!  After all the pain I suffered!  This has been the only fix! 
        Michael Mullins
 General Incontracting 
 Wilmington, OH
Dear Daniel, 
 I was wound up so tight after our daughter's wedding I could not relax. You gave me instant relief from tension and stress that kept building up in me. I am also grateful to you for helping my husband. Mark is amazed at how much better his leg feels. As soon as he left your office he noticed an improvement. The numbness and pain in his thigh are totally gone and feeling is back. He even climbed ladders all day yesterday at work. Thank you so much! 

LeAnn Schlecht 

Blocked Energy
Holistic Discoveries
Fall 2009
Last year I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and the pain was so severe that at times I could hardly walk. A friend convinced me to try acupuncture and the results have been amazing! I have been able to cut back on my medication to a very low dose, and will probably be able to quit taking it all together in the near future. I have quit taking the prescribed pain killers. The benefits have not been limited to just that. I have always had a low immune system, and the fact that I have made it through the winter without getting bronchitis is an unbelievable change for me. I would be willing to recommend it to anybody, and have been doing just that! Thank you Daniel!

       Shannon Decatur
Columbus, OH
Dear Dr. Dan
             Thank you for your prompt service!! The treatment went to
work much faster than we expected. 2 Days later the Bells Palsy seems to have
improved more than 50% and we put in our first real good day back to
work in over a week. More people need to know how Acupuncture can help
heal and bring your body back to balance. We are very happy and would recommend you to anyone. Thank you to You and Tim you have my vote 24/7

John Brownell
       Lima, OH

614 * 888 * 9303
Hi Daniel, 

Remember when I came in this Tuesday, I had awful neck and arm pain from the auto accident I was in. I had been seen the chiropractor for a while for the new symptoms because that is what the insurance company recommended I do. It help a bit but not much. After the treatment I felt amazing. Today my Chiropractor said, I cannot believe the amazing turn around you have had this week alone. I had been dealing with the same problem for over 6 weeks and it was not improving. 1 acupuncture treatment and the improvement was very significant. Can you imagine that !!! :) 

With this what I accomplished in 1 session I couldn't get close to in over 9 weeks of total treatment recommend by the insurance company. 

Lupe Medina